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SFO: New Terminal 2 Will Have Post-Pat-Down Recovery Lounge

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Plan of the new Terminal 2, Gensler plus other images via Telstar Logistics Todd Lappin, aficionado of all things aeronautic, takes us on a tour of the yet-unfinished but new/old Terminal Two at San Francisco International Airport at his blog Telstar Logistics, with loads of images, vintage and new. Terminal 2 opened in 1954 and replaced an earlier, temporary terminal from 1937 (temporary because SFO was once planned for Treasure Island, but that's another tale altogether.) Terminal 2 eventually handled international flights, but in 2000 was shut down when our glorious new international terminal opened. Now planned to reopen in April of 2011 as home to Virgin America and American Airlines. Virgin has played a big part in the terminal's new design by Gensler to give it a club-like feel with interesting visuals, wi-fi and comfortable seating, along with the expected high-end retail gauntlet and restaurants, plus a cocktail lounge and maybe an Iron Chef. And yes, there's a space called the Recomposure Zone to permit passengers to pull themselves back together after going through security.
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