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New Details on SFMOMA Include Relocated Firehouse and Additional Residential Space

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Straight from the Planning Department to SocketSite comes an updated list of details behind SFMOMA's proposed 235,000 square foot expansion on Third Street, which brings the Museum's total gallery space up to 133,500 square feet. In addition to adding all that square footage to accommodate the Fisher Collection, the café with its related areas will get a bump up to 10,000 square feet and there's the possibility of adding a second, full-service restaurant.

Meanwhile, the fire station currently sitting at 646 Howard still needs to be demolished to make room for SFMOMA's expanding girth, and will be replaced by an even bigger home for the station's 13 Firefighters at 935 Folsom. The new station will land somewhere between 13,000 and 15,000 square feet over two stories plus a mezzanine (can you say fire pole?), but those aren't the only new neighbors: folks who are looking to make their homes in the Yerba Buena neighborhood and aren't bothered a few sirens will be able to take their pick of 13 residential units (two studios, five 1-bed and six 2-bed) in an adjacent building to be constructed along Shipley Street. The new residential project will also share the parking garage with the firehouse, which might be of interest to anyone looking to become the next Lillie Coit.
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