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Cloud Computing Touches Down in Mission Bay

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Mission Bay empty lots from the above, via Google Maps

Hung-over from baseballs, burning mattresses and election stress? This should cheer you up: has purchased a chunk of Mission Bay for their new global headquarters: fourteen acres of almost-waterfront vacant land for $278,000,000. The largest real estate transaction in San Francisco in a while and one very expensive empty lot. The seller is Alexandria Real Estate Equities, a developer/landlord with a specialty in pharmaceutical tenants, with much of the site their planned-but-unbuilt Mission Bay North campus.

Based in Pasadena, the publicly-traded REIT describes itself as "the landlord of choice to the Life Science industry." is the huge customer-relationship and out-sourcing (hence "cloud computing") manager for online transactions; the planned building will consolidate employees now spread out over downtown, mostly in One Market Street. Co-founder and CEO Mark Benioff's roots in town are deep- he and his wife are well-known philanthropists and his grandfather was on the Board of Supervisors.

Initial plans call for a "campus" roughly from Mariposa Street at Third, north to Mission Bay Boulevard and west to Terry Francois. The sale is good news for everyone, including the Giants, who've been worrying over what to do with their empty development lot just to the north, and Ports, which will probably get some cash out of for the Blue Greenway, plus UCSF, whose new hospital is under construction directly across the street.
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