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A Nice Patio is Compensating for Something in Bernal Heights

If you've had some bad experiences with your neighbors, you might like this little 2-bed, 1-bath, 756 square foot cottage in Bernal Heights, which makes it in to the under $500k club with a list price of $489,000. The privacy fences all around mean you'll be safe from the prying eyes of passersby, but it's not like they would be able to see much through the tiny windows placed high on the walls anyway. As a last result, hermits can also draw the unnecessarily long floor-to-ceiling drapes in the bedroom, which conveniently match the similar numbers that make up for a lack of a closet door.

Luckily, if you need to get some natural light, there's plenty of outdoor space, although not all of it is pretty - like the nice waste of space out front where the current residents have devoted as much square footage to trash and recycling bins as they have to potted plants. Out back however, things are a little livelier with a pleasant and "mature" garden of orange and ficus trees as well as some lilac and rosemary bushes. Which, along with new granite countertops and kitchen fixtures, would be a great selling point for aspiring chefs out there - if only the kitchen weren't actually such a let down with zero prep space and a dearth of cabinetry. And as long as that clunky sectional sofa is crammed nearly wall-to-wall in the awkward combination living room/dining room, you'll probably be hoping for plenty of sunny San Francisco days to make use of that outdoor living room in back.
·505 Anderson St [Redfin]

505 Anderson St, San Francisco, California