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Community Involvement Sought for fabric8 Parklet

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Parklets! The new hot accessory to have outside of your business. Fabric8 at 3318 22nd Street at Valencia in the Mission is taking a different approach to their parklet. Instead of doing everything in-house, they've opted to involve the community about what goes into their public parklet. They're proposing to create and maintain an art gallery featuring rotating exhibits of kid-friendly public art. And they're not halting it at paintings, either. They want your temporary murals, sculptures, and even landscaped greenery. Here's the fun part: they've invited neighbors, people who walk past Fabric8 on a regular basis or live down the street - to become a member of the jury that'll select the pieces of art to be temporarily displayed. They've even gone as far to put the wheels in motion to to create a publicly accessible website which would feature the finalists for neighborhood folk to view, comment and vote on. The projects that receive the most votes will be asked to install their work. Of course, they highly encourage the use of recycled materials. Take note, kiddies.
· Parklet Gallery [fabric8]

Fabric 8

3321 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110