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Group 41 House Quickly Put Back on Market

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Ah, yes. The woes of 465 Hoffman, the 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 4,500 square foot mega contemporary abode in Noe Valley. It was designed by Group 41 and then plopped on the market in May of 2009 with an asking price of $3,900,000. Shoot forward to early February of this year and it was significantly reduced to $3,000,000, a $900,000 chop. One month later it sold, but for $2,970,0000. Well, folks, now it's back, and for $666 a square foot, or $2,995,000. Why the quick sale? Why do the current owners think they'll make $25,000 after being handed the keys less than a year ago? If any tipsters have information, please email us or leave a comment.
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465 Hoffman Ave, San Francisco, CA