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Uptown Tenderloin Historic District Invites You to Take a TL Stroll

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The folks at the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District really like their neighborhood, as you might imagine, and they would would like you, wary San Franciscan, to also take some time to stroll through what they consider to be the next great subsection of their neighborhood: The Geary-O'Farrell Corridor, for which they have produced a new walking map. [PDF warning] The map highlights "historic architecture, restaurants, bars, galleries and entertainment venues" along those two streets which, as you might have noticed, have been experiencing a bit of a revival with new businesses and restaurants popping up despite vacant storefronts in perhaps more desirable neighborhoods. (Although, we're sure rent prices has something to do with that.)

We also recognize that this micro-hood thing can get a little tedious, but it's actually nice to highlight both the history and progress of a neighborhood where people tend not to linger too long. Pessimists might look at it as an attempt to draw the focus away from the blight, but those folks ought to lighten up and take a nice stroll anyway.

· New Walking Map Exposes San Francisco’s Historic Geary-O’Farrell Corridor [BeyondChron]