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Stanley Saitowitz: No Takers For Exhibitionist Minimalism

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Credits: Images 3 through 6 via ArchDaily We don't know what involvement architect Stanley Saitowitz has in 1029 Natoma Street, across from his mini-complex at 1022 and 1028 Natoma, other than designing its replacement. The property and plans have been on and off the market since mid-2009, asking $859,000 and reduced this week to $729,000. Along with approved plans comes- drumroll, please! a demolition permit for the existing structure on the site. To quote the listing:

Project ready for a 4 unit condo designed by Stanley Saitowitz, Award winning world renowned architectIt's said to be similar to 1028 Natoma, except it seems to have fins on the facade rather than the perforated mesh across the street. And it's shown as a black monolith instead of a grey one. Four-car parking (how did that get approved?) and no hint of an elevator despite one unit being touted as ADA-compliant. Presumably has the same long wall with the kitchen and all the other wet stuff lined up alongside: toilet, shower, tub each in individual compartments enclosed by sliding( frosted!) glass panels. Seriously, Stanley, do you really want us to take a dump in the living room? Check out the gallery for images of 1028 Natoma and Saitowitz's brand of luminous minimalism. Looking back at tax records for 1028 Natoma, the cost of the new building across the street should be around a million dollars, plus fees, so you're going to spend close to two million before you get to move in. Tax-wise, the current tear-down plus parking lot at 1029 Natoma pays a whopping $1,118 in property taxes annually, while the fully-redeveloped 1028 Natoma coughs up over $16,000 per annum. · 1029 Natoma Street [Redfin]
· 1028 Natoma Street [ArchDaily]

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