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Ocean Beach Safeway Reveals Revamped Design

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The Safeway development team in charge of remodeling the grocer's Ocean Beach location met with Outer Richmond neighbors last night to share their latest proposal for the store's new design in the form of a 3D Rendered walkthrough video (Which you can view over on RichmondSF). As we reported a few weeks ago, Safeway's team along with Lowney Architects has been receptive to neighbors' concerns that the original podium design would block their ocean views and a loading dock along 48th Ave would cause traffic and noise issues.

The new design is about a third of the height of the original, reaching only 20 feet, 6 inches along the highest wall on La Playa and only 12 feet high on 48th Avenue, meaning neighbors will still be able to take in views of the Pacific and the windmill in Golden Gate Park that was thoughtfully included in the rendering. Meanwhile, those same neighbors won't be dealing with large delivery trucks pulling up in front of their houses, as the loading dock has gone subterranean (a first for any Safeway) and will be accessed from La Playa. Additional details include: a 3,500 square foot retail space on the corner of Cabrillo and La Playa, 200 total parking spaces and "a whole lot of bike parking." Still no word on a developer for the proposed residential developments along La Playa and Cabrillo, but spokespeople from the store seem dedicated to keeping this portion consistent with the rest of the development.
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