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Candlestick-Adjacent: New Towers Proposed

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Executive Park Plan via Universal Paragon Corporation

We're glad someone is bullish on the economy. Seems there's a lot going on in southernmost San Francisco, where Candlestick Park and Little Hollywood meet Brisbane. A reader tells us

I saw a notice in my neighborhood last night regarding a planning meeting for the Candlestick Point/Cove redevelopment area. The developer wants to discuss a change in the plan and wants to demolish the executive park and associated parking and replace it with up to 1700 units of housing and something like 75k sq/ft of retail. Buildings up to 26 floors high! This all seems to be happening around 5 Executive Park Blvd, across from the new Ashton apartments...And want's know what's up. He hasn't said if he's attending the Planning Commission meeting on November 18 at 1:30 (last item on the agenda, so have a long lunch first) to discuss the draft EIR for a Special Use District, enabling apartments and parking for 1600 people in low rise buildings and towers up to 240 feet tall. No apparent connection to Candlestick Cove, or the Ashton, or even Candlestick Park: the developer is Universal Paragon Corporation, which as our tipster points out, sounds like a Bond super-villain. But probably isn't. The site is that undistinguished low-rise office park you speed by on 101 after picking your in-laws at SFO. It's a great location, especially if you work down the Peninsula. Along with the Schlage Lock site in Visitacion Valley, our super-villain-sounding developer also has his clutches on Brisbane Baylands. It does sound like a racetrack, but it's not, and we highly recommend clicking though to the video. Turns out it's the largest remaining development site on the Peninsula.
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