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Mystery House in the Outset

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Was: $464,900
Then: $454,900
Then: $449,900
Now: $439,900
You Save: $25,000

A block from the beach in the Outset, this lovely 0-bed, 2-bath sh**shack, er, home has received another shocking price cut. We can only wonder what lurks behind all that delicious plywood. Caesarstone counters? California Closets? Trolls? More plywood? And why would a person with no need for an actual bedroom care to have two toilets? We spy some Christmas lights, so at least you know the former owners were festive folk, but that also may explain the reference to "fire damage." Some very suspicious behavior may be going on here, and we want you to get in on the action. So what say you, dear readers? Shall we tear down the whole thing and just put up a tent? What are your wildest guesses about what could be inside this cozy cottage?
· 1675 48th Ave. [Redfin]