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Quick Chop for Pacific Heights Flat

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Was: $1,450,000
Then: $1,395,000
You Save: $55,000

Talk about a motivated seller! This 3-bed, 2-bath Pacific Heights flat was only put on the market on Monday with an asking price of $1,450,000 and she's already received a hefty chop of $55,000! Talk about a cheap date. While there is an awful lot of sage and beige going on, we can't find too many faults with her, so why the chop? The layout is a little confusing, but the space looks really usable. We suggest you actually use the dining room as such, unless you're one of those families who eats dinner on the couch in front of the TV. No judgement. The bedrooms all look quite large, as does the open living room. You're on the top floor of a two unit building, which makes sharing basement laundry facilities a little more palatable, though at the price of $1,395,000 you shouldn't have to find other people's socks. HOA are $440 per month, presumably for the upkeep of the adorable entryway and fit-for-grilling back patio. At $880 per square foot, the flat is still above the neighborhood average, so should we expect another chop in the future? What do you think, dear readers? Too soon or not enough?
· 1762 Jackson [Redfin]

1762 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California