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Get Your Chartreuse (Paint) On in Noe Valley

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Ah, yes. Another Noe Valley property has hit the market. But this time it's got a much more obtainable price tag of $749,000.

In 1900 a big Queen Anne Victorian was built on a hill. Over time things change and people have babies and eventually the huge house was split into three condos. No one's making any more space, folks. Today the 2-bed, 1-bath 1,727 square foot top full top floor unit hit the market. Take that in, folks. 1,727 square feet! If our blurry brain can do the calculation correctly, that means this puppy is selling for $434 a square foot. Not bad for the neighborhood, eh? Especially when you're in such close proximity to both Valencia and 24th Streets. Speaking of which, the property is situated on a corner lot, so you know you're going to be getting some killer views of 2-story rooftops and your lush tree-lined street. Now, we don't think this is a downfall, but it's definitely not for everyone: the walls in the main areas are painted chartreuse, a gorgeous color, but certainly not for everyone. The condo has monthly HOA dues of $336 and uh, there's no parking. Aside from those small details, we think this puppy will sell, and quick. Oh, and the last sale? It was in 2002 for $164,000 less.
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394 Fair Oaks Street, San Francisco, CA