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The Mission: It's Never Too Early to Argue About Parking!

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Good news for people in the Mission who like parks. The state has awarded a $2,700,000 grant for the long-planned urban oasis at 17th & Folsom Streets, currently a parking lot. It won't happen tomorrow- they have yet to buy the lot from its current owner, the Public Utilities Commission, and still have to raise more cash to cover the project's estimated $5,000,000 total cost. The park is slated for just half the PUC's site, with the other half being eyed for housing. Not everyone's happy! A dance company and the Mission Neighborhood Health Center want the parking to remain intact. They say the neighborhood is scary. Which, if you're driving in from the suburbs, it probably is. The neighborhood's changing fast enough that the truly scary parts are the lines to get a table at Bar Bambino and Flour+Water nearby. Parked vehicles are expected to give way to fruit trees and runner beans at some point in the next decade.
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