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Fulton Playground: Does This Sculpture Need Its Own EIR?

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There's no renderporn to offer yet, but apparently plans are moving along for the much-used but tired Fulton Playground. The Fulton Playground Committee has been working nicely together in their sandbox and construction is scheduled to begin next Spring. It's a true neighborhood asset with basketball and the usual kiddie stuff and a clubhouse for indoor programs, but the latest development in the plan doesn't have to do with hoops or the texture of sand. They're on the brink of commissioning a kinetic sculpture (video above) as a centerpiece to the park. By Moto Ohtake, a wind-driven, playful and endlessly changing work, with a sonic component. Destined to keep the neighbors up all night? And what about the birds. Sorry, we worry about the birds.
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855 27th Ave, San Francisco, California