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Primo North Beach Location Loses $43,000

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Was: $1,068,000
Now: $1,025,000
You Save: $43,000

We suspect the just-north-of-a-million price tag on this 2-bed, 2-bath charmer in the heart of North Beach has something to do with why it hasn't been swept of its feet yet, but someone with adequate funds could do well taking this thing to St. Peters around the corner and making an honest girl out of her. With the current dowry sitting at $1,025,000, down $43,000 from the list price a month ago, the recently renovated second floor unit seems fairly low maintenance and HOA dues are only $233 a month.

The cozy living room is a bit of a tease, since we know you won't actually be able to use the wood-burning fireplace, but the master bedroom is tucked away from the tourist bustle of Powell street and overlooks a shared garden patio in back. With hardwood floors throughout, and a marble-clad chef's kitchen with formal dining room, she's definitely the type you'll want to introduce to your parents. There's even tandem parking in the garage, which is better than trying to find a spot on the street around Washington Square at least.
· 1852 Powell [Redfin]

1852 Powell street, San Francisco, CA