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Beaux Arts Penthouse Marred by Ridiculous Fees

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Let's get right to it: this place has some out of control HOA fees. $4,770 per month will get you what? A marble lobby and unlimited rides into space? A new pony? Grass harvested from the head of Gavin Newsom? Free martinis delivered to your toilet? We can't figure out how any single unit could stomach paying these fees, much less all of the 10 units in the building -- if these fees are even the average, then this building is pulling in almost $50,000 a month in fees alone. Parking, at $600 a month for two spaces, isn't even included. Let that sink in, and let's all start saving up to own a building of our own.

And we're off our soapbox. Okay, back on. This 2-bed, 2.5-bath full floor penthouse is at priced at $3,500,000, and even though it's a full floor, that $1,282 per square foot is almost double what it is in the rest of the neighborhood. Granted, it's quite the posh address and at least a million dollars of the sticker price are for the views. The interior of the penthouse is filled with period finishes and all but a few are quite lovely - you know we're looking at you, marble. The best features here are the stained glass in the living room and the multiple terraces. We dig the dark wood in the guest bedroom and office, and we would ask that the seats with cup holders be included in the sale price. Other features of note: central air and a bidet in the master bath. Other residences went on sale in the building last year, to massive choppage or de-listing. Dear readers, what do you think? Will this get snapped up by those looking for a swanky address in a truly beautiful building? Or should we wait in our Barcaloungers for a chop?
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1001 California Street, San Francisco, California