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Best Decorated SRO Hotel Room Goes To...

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You typically find bedbugs, cockroaches and other unmentionables when you enter a hoarders home- especially if they're in one of San Francisco's many SRO hotels. But not Terry Helbing's, who's in court today for stealing up to $100,000 worth of art, rugs and other pricey decor and decorating his one-room home. "Helbing's cramped domicile featured not only featured museum-quality artwork, he had rigged up museum-quality lighting to accentuate his treasures." Where'd he get his loot? In April he was accused of stealing art from the botanical garden library. After police searched his SRO hotel room, he now faces 38 additional felony counts relating to alleged art theft. "It was mind-blowing how beautiful it was," said Jeff Buckley, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic community organizer. [The Snitch]