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Candy-Coated Treat in Bernal Heights

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This new listing for a 3-bed, 2-bath house in Bernal Heights is more treat than trick. Normally we'd call the blue and pink exterior a batty old lady eyesore, but maybe it's the Giants that's got us feeling all lovey dovey toward this kookiness and other things quintessentially San Francisco. That said, any other day we'd call for a paint job in a few places, starting with the outside and moving steadily and sensibly toward anything painted lime green. So the treats: She comes with plenty of outdoors decks, just begging for an umbrella drink and a suntan. There's a studio apartment you can rent out to help pay the mortgage, or have the in-laws/nanny/us move in to take care of the little ones. It's only a half-mile (straight up) walk to Bernal Heights Park. There's more space than you can shake a stick at -- 2,311 square feet to be exact. But as far as tricks go, she comes in at $949,000 and we haven't seen much of the bedrooms or baths, which makes us think this cutie has something up her sleeve after all.
· 23 Peralta Ave [Redfin]

23 Peralta Avenue, San Fransisco CA