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Lusty Wenches Wanted: Ren-Faire-Ready in Piedmont

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The lovely East Bay city of Piedmont has a lot going for it. Clint Eastwood grew up there. Two-thirds of Green Day live there. Populated mostly by the well-off and discreet, just the people who might frown on a Renaissance Faire in their charming town. But that didn't deter someone in this sweet 5-bedroom, 3-bath home that just came on the market. Asking $1,695,000, swaggering knights and horny monks not included. From the outside, a classic 1920's vaguely-Andalucian cottage, three stories in the back with decks and leafy canyon views. Inside, attractive high-ceilinged rooms and nice fireplaces, but things really get cooking with what the listing describes as a unique "refreshments and amusement" room. This vaulted and timbered room is the perfect venue to hoist a few mugs of artisanal mead. Plenty of room for swordplay; we're hoping dungeon-adjacent. Annual tithes/HOAs to the local liege lord of $874, presumably for serf control. Room for a maypole.
· 16 Sotelo Avenue, Piedmont [Redfin]