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299 Valencia: Too Late to Argue Over Parking

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A curious reader wants to know what's happening in the previously-vacant lot at Valencia and 14th Street. Some of us know it as 299 Valencia, the site of a 40-unit building and a battle over parking spaces in which the Supes couldn't muster enough votes to over-ride the Planning Commission's interpretation of the Market-Octavia Plan and giving the developer something like an additional seven parking spaces. We're glad to see something finally happen here on this bleak stretch of 14th Street.

We couldn't track down an architect, so we have no idea if the final product will look like the non-thrilling rendering we plucked off the project's bare internet presence (above; the earth-moving pic courtesy of our tipster) and we know not if it's condo or rental. We do know it's in a neighborhood that regularly raises pitchforks and pikestaffs to fight off bad urbanism and intruders like American Apparel (win) and a porn studio taking over the historic San Francisco Armory (lose.) Got empty lots in your neighborhood? We're quite happy to pillage the internets on your behalf to find out what's up with an email to
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299 Valencia

299 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA