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Embrace the Shabby Chic Lifestyle in Buena Vista

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Sitting prim and proper is this 2-bed, 1-bath condo in Buena Vista. Asking price? $1,185,000. The listing agent describes it as a "exquisite jewel box," but we think a better description would be "there was a blow-out sale at the now defunct Shabby Chic and the current owners bought the entire lot." Seriously, folks. There's a ton of mirrored-cabinets and over-stuffed white sofas in this home. No red wine with dinner. The property is a beauty, and it's directly across from the park, but we're still scratching our heads over the $869 a square foot asking price. It's steep, especially considering that It last sold in 2005 for $1,125,000.
· 587 Buena Vista [Redfin]

587 Buena Vista Ave, San Francisco, CA