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Views and Some Rooms in Pacific Heights

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Was: $3,395,000
Now: $3,150,000
You Save: $245,000

When we came across this 5-bed, 4.5-bath, 3,900 square foot home on Divisadero we had a lot of questions about what, exactly, was on the inside of all those shingles. You can't fault its lovely neighborhood or quintessential Golden Gate Bridge views, but if these are the pictures they choose to show of the interior, then what is this owner hiding? The yellow parlor is not completely terrible-- for some reason it reminds us of a Caribbean resort with all that floral and sun streaming in, but then we notice that the fireplace is roaring which gets us all out of our cabana happy place. For shame. The only other room shown is some sort of formal dining room -- another fireplace to cozy up to -- with walls the color of a bike lane. As for the rest of the home, we'd venture a guess that you'd need to do some serious updating, given that it's been with the same family for 40 years and it was originally built in 1898, but that might mean some neat claw footed tubs and funky kitchen appliances. It's a lot of space and the $808 per square foot is almost $300 lower than other homes in Pacific Heights, so this could be a deal if there are only cosmetic changes to make. Yes, we just called a $3 million home a possible deal. What do you think, dear readers? Will this be-shingled classic need another chop to get a bite?
- Contributor Abby Pontzer
· 2623 Divisadero [Redfin]

2623 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA