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Green Carpet Grossout in Mission Terrace

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Everyday your friendly Curbed writers sort through a million listings in search of the note-worthy properties to share with you. We're often surprised by the listing agent's inability to show any of their properties shortcomings. If a listing states a 3-bedroom home has 3.5-baths, then we're suspicious when they don't show any photos of the bathrooms. Are they outdated? Unkept? Oh, the mystery! With that said, we really appreciate it when an agent "keeps it real" and chooses to only highlight the worst of the property. Take 980 Cayuga in Mission Terrace. It's a "spacious fixer upper" that has 3-beds and 2-baths. Asking price? $405,000. Sure, it's short on photos, but the photos it does provide paint a gruesome picture of how much work is really involved. Tell us, readers, how exactly does what appears to be green carpet get so stained? Did someone host a pudding wresting competition in the spare bedroom?
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980 Cayuga Ave, San Francisco, CA