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Pacific Heights Humble Abode Can't Find a Buyer

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: $5,850,000
Now: $5,250,000
You Save: $600,000

Built in 1895, this 6-bed, 6.5-bath, 6,650 square foot Victorian has been languishing on the market for 131 days. Today it took a chop of $600,000, bringing down the asking price to $5,250,000. The last time it sold was back in 2007 for $3,050,000. Since then it's undergone an extensive remodel, updating the kitchen and all the bathrooms. The property has all the fancy smancy you'd expect: more than five fireplaces, more than one wet bar, a garage that can fit more than 3 cars, etc. Tell us, dear readers, why won't this beauty sell?
· 1823 Jackson [Redfin]

1823 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA