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Waterfronting: I Have a Kayak and I Vote

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Kayakers on Mission Bay. All Images via Port of San Francisco

There have been some amazing changes in San Francisco in the past decade, and it looks like the next decade will focus on the waterfront. Whether it's the quick fix of the America's Cup or long-range planning at Pier 70 (or just the Giants winning something) the waterfront is the next development frontier. Planners at the Port of San Francisco are faced with the daunting task of integrating business, residential and recreational demands into an historic but dilapidated waterfront. So our current obsession is with the Blue Greenway, a network of parks, bike paths and pedestrian walkways extending south along the waterfront from ATT Park and China Basin to the county line (map after the jump.) Knitting together the industrial landscape and new construction with environmental concerns plus the usual suspects- joggers, dog owners, cyclists- and now, kayakers.

Click on the map to enlarge in another window.

Gallery, above, from top left: Kayakers at Mission Creek; Pier 70/Slipways Park Plan; China Basin Rendering; China Basin Plan; Pier 54 Park and Boat Launch Plan; Islais Creek Plan; Warm Water Cove.

A daunting task, and Ports rises to the occasion with a massive and detailed report. And you can be a part of it- there's a public meeting tomorrow evening Wednesday October 6 at the Port's offices at Pier One from 6:00 to 8:00 PM to talk about plans for the waterfront and Blue Greenway projects from China Basin to the area around Pier 70. This particular Pier One being an actual pier just north of the Ferry Building, not a chain of retail stores. We'll be at Hog Island Oysters pre-meeting with a half-dozen and a glass of Muscadet.
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