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Lucky Numbers in Central Sunset

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Was: $649,000
Now: $599,983
You Save: $49,017

After a scant sixteen days on the market, this adorable single family home in the Sunset got a whopping (almost) $50,000 price chop. Down from $649,000, it's now listed at a very curious $599,983. We have to wonder if the last digits are somehow auspicious, or if the owner is hip to this blogging game and knows we'll write a post when they put a truly odd asking price on the property. What do you get for slightly less than $600k? It's only a 2-bed, 1-bath, but it's a got a sunroom/den thing you could probably shove a distant relative into if it came to that. You're only a half a block from Golden Gate Park, and that garage would have come in handy during Hardly Strictly this weekend. The backyard looks like it could use some love (or just some water, for Pete's sake), but we're digging the details like the brick fireplace in the living room and the yellow tile in the kitchen. We don't see any obligatory pictures of toilets, which only begs the question: is that why the back yard is so brown? No indoor plumbing?
- Contributor Abby Pontzer
· 1261 32nd Ave [Redfin]

1261 32nd Ave, San Francisco, CA