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Steve Job's House Plans Unrelated to Reality

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The planet stopped briefly on its axis last week when our friends at Gizmodo released plans for Steve Jobs' new house down the Peninsula in lovely, faux-agrarian Woodside. You may recall Jobs' has been embroiled for years in a conflict over the house currently on the property- George Washington Smith's Jacklin House- that Jobs managed to neglect so long it's been rendered unrestorable. As for the plans, they looked a little vague to us, more like proposed land-use than anything that told us where the dishwasher goes. Even Mama over at Real Estalker was obsessing over the scant number of poopers. As they did to Craig Bromberg at Housing Watch who tracked down the news that they dated back to 2009 and were in fact preliminary drawings for an environmental impact report done before Jobs received final permission for demolition. Commenters were awed and inspired by the simplicity of the house, drawing analogies to Apple's rigorous design process, but basically, none of us have any idea what Steve Jobs' house will look like. We did learn, however, that he owns the property next door- which is presumably where the support staff, security, au pairs, and assistants unaccounted for in these plans will hunker down. And that your iPhone still won't work any better.
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