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Offshore Living in Sausalito Not Looking So Quaint

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A long-standing tradition of allowing boats to freely anchor offshore is turning out to be a problem as waterways around Sausalito marinas become clogged with boats in various states of disrepair. Like so many other non-policies, anchoring your vessel around historically laid-back Sausalito and Richardson Bay is free - which means you could live without paying rent as long as you're willing to go without utilities and row your own supplies out to your new home on the water.

While boats dotting the Bay may look cute from a distance, from the looks of the many vessels piled high with junk, it seems many of the boat owners living offshore are simply too stubborn to give up their boats and have been floating on the nautical equivalent of a string of shopping carts. (And if these residents are unable to unload their own trash, we shudder to think where they're dumping their ship's waste.) Aesthetics aside, the docked boats pose a problem with their anchor lines stirring up silt and harming Bay-bottom wildlife. Not to mention there's always the possibility of a storm breaking someone's trash yacht free and sending it careening in to a legitimately seaworthy vessel.
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