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Huge Parking Lot Seeks Long-Term Relationship

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There have probably been as many proposals for the area known to some as Mission Bay as fly balls in the stadium currently called AT&T Park just on the other side of Mission Creek. Known to others as Seawall Lot 337, now better identified as the Giants' parking lot and home to Cirque de Soleil. The Giants corporate entity has an option to develop it. Although they're probably not thinking about it much this week, Giants executives have been puzzling over development ideas for a while. As with all good plans, shit happens. Will they be able to lure the Warriors back to San Francisco (they decamped to Oakland in 1971) and could the housing market rebound enough to make residential development worthwhile? Offices? It's a seriously tantalizing location, once Siberia, now on the brink of being in the middle of everything. We wouldn't mind seeing the Mexican Museum there, but that probably won't fly, revenue-wise. A waterfront sports complex could be awesome. Meanwhile, development of the Blue Greenway paddles along. What would you like to see here? After the jump, an astounding proposal from 1928.

Timothy L. Pflueger, Bird's-Eye-View Rendering of the Proposed Airport at China Basin, San Francisco 1928, Credit: Collection of SFMOMA

Above, the presentation drawing of a proposed airport for San Francisco from 1928, incorporating piers and rail, probably intended to compete with the then-new Mills Field (now SFO.) Third Street cuts across the upper right corner. Plans were already afoot for the Bay Bridge.
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