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More Redwood Than You Can Shake a Stick At, Plus a Pool

If you like your redwood inside, outside, overhead, upside-down and sideways, this is the place. High up in the hills of Berkeley. Or Oakland. Close enough to Rte. 24 to be an easy commute to San Francisco, if that's how you roll. This low-slung beauty in dark lumber has 2-beds, 2.5 baths and a pool, asking $1,350,000. While we'd question some of the remodeling choices, like the bathroom sinks, we'll be too busy staring out the windows to care. The listing claims it was built in 1993, but looks much earlier, with some details that look mid-century. Property Shark hints it may be earlier than 1988- could it have been rebuilt after the 1991 Oakland Fire, perchance? What do we love the most about this house? The pool and its long deck, open to the bay views. And on the Fourth of July, the fireworks in towns all around the bay. We're giving you the video because the realtor's pictures are so low-res, and recommend you turn the sound down. To "off." Open House on Sunday October 31st, 2:00-4:30 pm
· 7096 Kenilworth Road [Redfin]

7096 Kenilworth Road, Oakland, CA 94705