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Low-Impact Sport Gets Impact Review

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To the casual observer frisbee disc golf might seem like a relatively low-impact sport, but that's obviously not the case for residents near McLaren Park who are worried about giving away their park (and parts of its off-leash dog run) to a sports club. Speaking with the Examiner, one co-founder of Save McLaren Park explained, "I'd rather not have an ugly, noisy, destructive course on the nature of the park." While we were certain those whistling frisbee discs died off in the early 90's, city officials have naturally responded to neighborhood concerns by calling for an environmental review of the proposed disc-golf course and its potential impact on the park.

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club, the nonprofit behind the proposal, also maintains the nicely-hidden disc course in Golden Gate Park and is curently working with the Rec and Park Department to come up with a layout that makes sense for everyone. Preserving off-leash dog areas is as fair a cause as any, but we imagine the disc golfers are just as interested in keeping their precious putters away from the local Labradors.
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