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Palo Alto: No Love for Adobe

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

Does Steve Jobs know Jalm Nulman and Avelyn Welczer? Jobs, who's spent the better part of a decade trying to demolish his once-splendid G.W. Smith version of an Andalucian village in Woodside, would no doubt have lots of cocktail chit-chat to offer Nulman and Welczer. They've spent a decade trying to demolish the adobe home built by Spanish pioneer woman Juana Briones in 1844. Actually, what's left of Briones' home- two walls of a specialized type of adobe construction called encajonado embedded in an early 20th century bungalow (above) and one of three remaining examples of the technique in California. Juana Briones was a fascinating woman, managing to be simultaneously a Feminist and Latina heroine. Plus she once had a farm in what is now North Beach's Washington Square. Both parties are winners here- the California Supremes have ruled in favor of the two demolitions, with Briones going down yesterday. Jobs may have the iPad, but Nulman and Welczer? Bragging rights for demolishing what the National Trust calls one of the country's most endangered sites.
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