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Big Beige Lady Hits the Sea Cliff Market

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Sea Cliff: home to sweeping views, Robin Williams, pedigree pets and 740 El Camino Del Mar, the 5-bed, 5.5-bath, 4,080 square foot humble abode that just landed on the market with a vomit-inducing asking price of $5,400,000. If we're being frank, which we are, then we'd say the house is rather drab. But what are you really buying when you buy a home on El Camino Del Mar? The views, duh. And the ability to say you share the same zip code with many of San Francisco's celebrities. The home was built in 1938, and for lack of a better word, will simply be described as "traditional." Painfully traditional. If you were to take half the baths and the kitchen (minus the built-in barbeque) and plop it in a house in the 'burbs we wouldn't flinch. The only consistent theme throughout the place is "white paint." Now that we've got all of the negative out of the way, take a look at that backyard. Now take another look. Garden party, anyone? If you wanted to make some side cash on this property you could easily rent out the backyard on a sunny day to nearly any couple looking for the perfect backdrop for their San Francisco wedding. It'll help with the hefty mortgage. With that said, $5.4M is considered a deal around these parts. Why, just down the road is 830 El Camino Del Mar, which has been on the market for 296 days with an asking price of $9,990,000.
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740 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, CA