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Two-Faced in the Outer Sunset

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1466 42nd Avenue has a typical Sunset exterior. But once inside, you're in for a surprise. You see, the top level is perfectly normal for a Sunset home. Parquet floors, corner fireplace, retro kitchen and bath. But step downstairs and it's a completely different story. We're talking concrete flooring, some exposed beam action, and a cool, charcoal grey palette. The bathroom, of course, has teeny tiny little blue rectangular blue tiles and a pane of glass to separate water from the rest of the bathroom. Yes, this downstairs contemporary remodel is a complete contrast to its upstairs counterpart. The backyard has also been upgraded with all sorts of wild yet compulsively maintained plants and even a hot tub. it's a 2-bed, 2-bath 1,440 square foot home for $839,000. Other highlights include a 1-car garage with interior access and a pretty sweet atrium.
· 1466 42nd Avenue [Redfin]

1466 42nd Ave, San Francisco, CA