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Los Banos: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fawcett House Returns

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Photo Credit: Scott Mayoral

It's back. When we wrote about this Frank Lloyd Wright house last August, it wasn't an active listing. The 6-bedroom, 5-bath house has been on and off the market for a number of years and currently asking $1,999,999. It's the Fawcett House, designed by Wright in 1955 and completed in 1961. Wright never saw the property or the house as built. Beautifully sited and hugging the land, no doubt some of Wright's acolytes at Taliesen West were sent to Los Banos to execute the plans. None of which makes it any less awesome. And sadly, while the listing agent's tour is cinematic, the images aren't hi-res enough to post here. We recommend backstory from the Chronicle and a previous listing for full drool-worthy images. Originally offered with hundreds of acres of prime Merced County farmland, it's now down to eighty acres with water rights, waiting for the next local, sustainable architecture enthusiast to come along. The listing is silent on farming opportunities but we can imagine organic certification in few years. What should we grow?
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