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I Had a Secret Roommate Who Was My Other Roommate's Sex Slave

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Before I moved to SF for school I sought out a roommate on Craigslist. I found a guy who seemed like a normal dude. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to fly there and back so I could only exchange emails and phone calls to figure out if this was the person I wanted to live with. He seemed fine. Once I moved in I started college and wasn't at home much. When my first break came up, I couldn't afford to fly home so I stayed in SF instead. That's when I met "Pet."

Early one morning I got up to go to the kitchen and there was man in a leather mask on all fours licking our kitchen floor. I totally freaked. I thought he was a crazy person who had broken into our house. When I started screaming at him to get out he stayed quiet and didn't do anything. My roommate quickly came into the kitchen and told me to stop screaming. This was his "slave," and he would only take orders from him. I was shocked and just went back to my room and tried to pretend it didn't happen. Two days later I came home to find that the living room coffee table was in the hallway. I went into the living room to find "Pet" on all fours again, but this time my roommate was sitting on our couch and had his feet up on him like he was a foot rest or something. I said something like "what the hell!" And it was met with a "why don't you come and join me? Pet likes you." I decided to have a conversation with my roommate about this person. He told me that he shared his room with him and that he was his sex slave. After that I decided it was best for me to leave. Now, whenever I interview for a new roommate I have to bring up BDSM interests, which can be really embarrassing.
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