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Overexposure in SoMa

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This 1-bed, 1-bath loft in SOMA recently got a price chop to $499,000, putting itself in the excellent company of our Under $500k Club. We think that at over 1,000 square feet, this loft could be a great deal for anyone wanting to live FolSoMa adjacent. We're a little worried that our more vertically endowed friends might have some trouble in the lofted bedroom area, but they should have plenty of headroom downstairs, which abound with modern touches and a sparsely-cabineted kitchen. HOA fees of $365 per month get you a hip roof deck with a grill. What do you think, dear readers? Are you "so over" concrete ceilings and exposed pipes? Or is this going to get snapped up faster than a ground ball to Freddy Sanchez? Giants reference FTW!
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1097 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA