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Picture Perfect in Bernal Heights

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Yes, 137 Faith clocks in at a whooping 664 square feet. And yes, it's half way down the block from the James Lick Freeway (which has a healthy lot of trees that provide a barrier between the street and the freeway, by the way). But readers, dear readers. This is a $599,000 2-bed, 1-bath single-family home that doesn't need any upgrades and is in a decent neighborhood. Oh, and let's not overlook the absolutely adorable shack in the back with it's beamed ceiling and flower boxes out front. Sure, the interior lacks details, but with a few cans of paint and maybe even some moulding if you're feeling adventurous, you could a bit of flair. But real talk: it's got a 2-car garage; hardwood flooring throughout; laundry in the basement; a Wolfe range in the gorgeous kitchen; and a landscaped backyard. Dear readers, how quickly will this puppy sell? It's on Faith Street, for Heaven's sake.
· 137 Faith [Redin]

137 Faith Street, San Francisco, CA