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Introducing Abby and Andrew, Curbed SF Contributors

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Hello and good afternoon, gentle Curbed readers. You might have noticed some additions to our regular lineup over the past few weeks. That's because Curbed SF has brought on two new contributors, Abby and Andrew. Without further ado, then, let's have them introduce themselves.

Meet Abby Pontzer, in her “professional” blogging debut. When she's not pretending to put that journalism degree to good use, she makes popsicles for strangers and organizes the sorriest kickball team this side of the Mississippi. Originally from Minnesota, she lives in the Lower Haight and refuses to call it Hayes Valley, no matter what any realtor map says. She enjoys writing about any topic with a public urination angle and hopes someday to have an unwarranted in-law unit to call her own.

Andrew Dalton blogs around town for SFist, the SFAppeal and from his own neighborhood (whose name he disputes with the Association of Realtors) at Aggressive Panhandler. You may also recognize him from a brief stint as guest editor of our sister site, EaterSF.