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(Bath)room with a View

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New to the market is this 3-bed, 3.5-bath condo near Buena Vista Park. Listed at $1,725,000, we think you're paying mostly for the jaw-dropping views rather than the nicely-done paint jobs or the questionable layout. For example, we tried the counting bedrooms game, and came across a diagonal daybed in a room which has no doors and faces the main foyer. So knock it down to 2-beds right off the bat. As for the baths, we found a toilet next to a bay window and a seating area. Unless you prefer to hold court while you're doing your business, this is quite strange. Could this have been the missing bedroom, pre-remodel? We may never know. Oddities aside, it is a light-filled, spacious condo. You get two floors, a gorgeous open kitchen, skylights in the master, your very own parking, and HOA is only $300 per month, leaving you with plenty of pocket money to boot. We suggest you spend it on very modest window treatments for your very exhibitionist bathroom.
· 55 Alpine Terrace [Redfin]

55 Alpine Terrace, San Francisco, CA