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83 Sharon Takes a Hack

Was: $630,000
Now: $599,000
You Save: $31,000

Sitting pretty and on the market for 45 days is 83 Sharon, a 2-bed, 1-bath top floor condo located in Eureka Valley. The unit comes with a double parlor that has what appears to be an angled wood burning fireplace, something we don't see often. Now, we know this is merely staging, but how sad a picture is the kitchen dining setup painting? Dinner for two, let's face the wall. But with an awkward kitchen layout like this one, we bet we'd find ourselves dining on the living room coffee table more often than not. Buying the unit comes with exclusive roof rights and "could be the perfect place for people watching while tending your garden." Or yelling at the nearby Everett Middle School children, your choice. Monthly HOA dues are $198. There's no parking.
· 83 Sharon [Redfin]

83 Sharon Street, San Francisco, CA