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My Ex-Roommate Mummified a Cat and Made a Voodoo Doll of Me

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Curbed Horror Stories are firsthand reader reports about terrible apartment experiences past and present. Got a Curbed Horror Story of your own? Send it to

"My ex-roommate had a shaved dyed black head of hair. She would tell me adamantly, "I would do anything to do anything to Marilyn Manson." She argued that Halloween should be celebrated all year round, and had devils and goats plastered to her wall. I lived with her for a year. One afternoon after walking home from class, I walked up the stairs to see something lifeless placed at the foot of our doorstep. Upon closer inspection, I realize it was the corpse of a semi mummified cat, and it was very obviously placed there, having been dead for months. There was no odor left, but its dead body lay there, a horrifying sight, as if a predator had gathered it for its master and presented it on the step. I asked my roommate if she was responsible for it and she said yes. She later rationalized her treasure, saying that its death was beauty, its body organic, blah blah blah. Gross. Our "relationship" (as people sharing a small living space) quickly plummeted. Once tolerable, this girl would now stay up watching The Craft and performing do-it-yourself seances accelerated by speed and cheap liquor. We stopped communicating, only a foul stink eye exchanged in passing. I avoided the house. We were both equals on the lease.

I came home early from class one afternoon, to find music blaring and lit candles surrounding a small roundish thing on the coffee table in our living room. I walked up to it, expectant to see yet another alter. Nope. This was a little wax figure. With my name on it. And hair. My hair. The creepy little doll had a vague resemblance to me, i suppose, but was fat. Very very fat. The word fat was scraped into the wax along her chest, below my name. And it had a razor blade in her arm and throat.

Sometimes, moving is a better path taken than battling for a small rundown space near campus. This was certainly one of those times."
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