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Freshly Minted Chop in the Inner Richmond

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Was: $1,450,000
Then: $1,388,000
Now: $1,325,000
You Save: $125,000

This 3-bed, 3.5-bath in the Inner Richmond is a minty pleasure from the outside with nothing but surprises inside. Among the first, she's been on the market only three months and already seen a price drop of $125,000 to her current price of $1,325,000. The good: You basically live on Golden Gate Park. And you face nothing but trees (and some napping folks, according to Google Street View) on the other side of Funston, protecting you from the noise of Park Presidio. On the inside, you've got 2,492 square feet to call your own and some nice dark hardwood floors. Lastly, the owners have decided to forgo a closet in one bedroom and turn it into a little library dungeon, which we think would be great to snuggle up in on cold foggy days. The not so good: That staircase, with its black railing and terrible carpet runner itching to be pulled out with our bare hands. We're not totally into the built-ins in another bedroom, but we know some who might be. What do you think, dear readers? Are you into the quirks, or is it asking for another chop?
· 790 Funston [Redfin]

790 Funston Ave, San Francisco CA