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Moving to "Doppleganger Towns"

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Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal asked, "Would You Retire in a Doppelganger Town?" Which is not the premise for a horror movie, but rather a legitimate question about whether it is worth living out your waning years in a community with lower housing prices than some of the more popular retirement destinations. Boulder, Colorado for example, has seen an increase in the over-65 demographic, but median home prices are 51% above the national median and have only been going up since 2006. As an alternative, the WSJ offers Carson City, Nevada where homes are less than half the price of those in Boulder and you'll save about a grand a year in property taxes. While you won't be nestled in the Rockies, Carson City does have the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe. On the other hand, you'll be living in Carson City, so it might be a toss up. Also, what's the doppelganger for San Francisco? Are we still going with Portland?
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