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Mind Says Yes, Financial Advisor Says No

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Hidden behind a rustic wood fence is 1530 48th Ave., a 1904 Victorian cottage that sits deep in the lot. It's listed as a 2-bed, 1-bath, but since it's only got four rooms we're assuming it's one of those "well, the dining room could be a second bedroom!" type situations. Also, with the right black Amex balance you could totally spiff up the attic and turn it into a fanciful master suite. But the attic is not the only room that needs an update. Yes, this is a $799,000 fixer-upper in the Outer Sunset. But readers, take a look at those bones. We especially love the completely wild kitchen that needs a fridge, cabinetry and, well, it only has a Wedgewood stove and questionable sink. It needs a lot. But the brick! The wooden wall! The stained glass door! Again, with the right bank account balance this place could turn into a real win. The lot size is 2,996 square feet, but the house is a mere 1,320. That means you're looking at 1,676 square feet of gorgeous garden that's very unusual for a typical Sunset property. You're also a hop skip away from the beach and just a block from the N-Judah. Dear readers, is this house priced too high? Especially considering the cash monies you'd have to sink into it to make it livable? Or do we think that with a U-Haul and a couple trips to Urban Ore it could be a real steal?
· 1530 48th Avenue [Redfin]

1530 48th Ave, San Francisco, CA