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Former Transbay Transients Found, Maybe

When the Transbay Terminal started coming down back in August, the question that seemed to be on everyone's mind was, "But where will all the transients go?" Luckily, a couple months of crime data later, the Examiner has gotten to the bottom of the matter. According to the Ex, the SFPD's Central Station district (which includes the FiDi, Chinatown, North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf) suggests that at least 30% of the 24 aggravated assaults in the district over the last month were committed by people believed to be former residents of Fremont & Natoma. While Central Station police Captain Kevin Cashman says he's beefing up foot patrols to deal with the increased homeless population, the mayor's adviser on homelessness is claiming that most of the estimated 50 or so people displaced have been placed in "housing and connected services," so the math seems a little fuzzy. Are former Transbay residents really getting all stabby now that they've been released back in to the wild? Or was this just a particularly aggressive tourist season?
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