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Central Richmond Top Floor Condo Can't Catch a Buyer

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Was: $725,000
Then: $679,000
Now: $659,000
You Save: $66,000

Dare we say this is an incredible value? So says the listing agent. Clocking it at $548 a square foot, this 2-bed, 1.5-bath condo in Central Richmond has a reasonable price. It's a top floor condo in an Edwardian that was built in 1924. It hit the market 41 days ago with an asking price of $725,000, but has already been reduced twice. The real deal-maker is the expansive formal living room with wood burning fireplace. The deal-squasher is the smallest half-bath we've ever seen in the city. Seriously, folks. Is that even three feet wide? Goodness. Other highlights: the nicely manicured and spacious shared backyard; 2-car parking and monthly HOA dues of $227.
· 2016 Balboa [Redfin]

2016 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA