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Let's Get Halloween Started Early With Your Apartment Horror Story!

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With Halloween closing approaching, there's no better time to tell us your horror stories about housing situations gone awry. Landlord let you move in with the previous tenant still occupying the space? From moldy mouldings and vermin in the walls to floor-to-ceiling carpet (it helps with acoustics!) and, dare we say it, bedbugs. We're pleased to announce Curbed Horror Stories, readers' firsthand tales from the front lines of Bay Area real estate. Found a roommate on Craigslist that ended up putting cigarette butts in your chaise lounge? A sweet apartment that turned sour? NIMBY's sending you anonymous complaints about your front lawn? We want to hear all about it! E-mail your horror story to, and be as open and honest as you want. Pictures are encouraged if you've got 'em. Anonymity is guaranteed!
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