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Hacked to Pieces in Pacific Heights

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: $1,349,000
Then: $1,280,000
Now: $1,099,000
You Save: $250,000

The last time 2960 Jackson was on the market was in July of 2005 when it sold for $1,475,000. Imagine that, folks. Shoot forward five years and the current owners burst onto the MLS with a $126,000 loss right off the bat. Goodness. We're going to be having a three martini lunch indeed. Now they're looking at a $376,000 loss if they finally get a bite. What's worse is that this fully-detached condo is not a s**tbox. On the contrary, it's actually quite pleasant. It's a 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,355 square foot condo in a fantastic location. Sure, the shingles could use a coat of something, and the private garden could use a weekend's worth of work, but that's it. Once inside you've got hardwood flooring throughout; updated kitchen and baths; fireplace; skylight? and monthly HOA dues of $174.33. Dearest readers, care to weigh in on why this home won't sell?
· 2960 Jackson [Redfin]

2960 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA